Instrumente in Die For Me ?

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2022.01.17 14:15 Admirable_Truck_8270 Instrumente in Die For Me ?

Weiß jemand welche Instrumente bei dem Song Die For Me von Post Malone benutzt wurden muss das für die schule aufschreiben bin aber nicht gut im Instrumente raus hören
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2022.01.17 14:15 Leading_Purple1729 Teaching a dog to swim

So we are interested in taking up some boating (rowing / canoeing) as a family (2 adults, 2 kids and a border collie), we plan on hiring boats until we know if this plan will work out, however, in advance of this both kids are topping off their swimming lessons with a "lifesavers" course which includes treding water in their pjs and other activities applicable to the situation (useful lifeskills if nothing else). However, I also want to give the collie an equivalent set of skills, just in case we capsize or he decides to bail for some reason. We've started the process of desensitisation to a doggy life jacket, however, before we even think about getting in a boat I'd like to know he can swim in his lifejacket .... and, at the moment, our dog doesn't actually swim, he isn't scared of the water, as he loves splashing about in the shallows, but doesn't venture in above knee depth. I know of a river where there is some deep pools (v. low current, popular swim spots for families in summer) and there are shallow beaches, and I can pick the depth based on where we go in, so I think this would be a good place for taking the next steps once he is used to the life jacket (and the weather is warmer). I am happy to get in the water with him, however, what methods would people reccomend and what precautions should I take so he can go deeper safely and confidently. If it helps he is very play/toy motivated, generally praise motivated and slightly food motivated and we're in the UK.
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2022.01.17 14:15 Pwlypandapants How are people of color referred to in non-American countries?

In America, we refer to POC as Mexican-american, African-american, etc. How do other countries refer to POC(in a non-offensive manner)?
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2022.01.17 14:15 MaximTTV OreoMc [SMP] {Semi-Vanilla} {1.17.1}

🍪---OREOMC--- 🍪
OreoMC is a Minecraft server designed from the ground up with custom content in mind. We have worked countless hours to create something truly unique from your classic Minecraft experience. If you are tired of the same old Minecraft server we invite you to check out our server to experience something that you cannot find anywhere else!
💻• Java And Bedrock support, we allow bedrock and java versions of Minecraft to connect to our server!
🌍• Survival SMP- Vehicles, World scale live map, clans, wars, claims, player shops
🍦•Vanilla SMP- plain survival, no claims, pvp,wars, clans
🚆• Tpa- allows you to teleport to friends.
💀• Death -Chests- Keeps your stuff safe from people stealing and your Stuff from de-spawning.
❌• NO RESETS- Your work is safe!
🌳• Spawn- We have a spawn full of activity; it includes shops,pvp,and a meeting place for all and its where you begin your adventure
🎮 • PORT: 19132
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2022.01.17 14:15 Rocktopus101 The KZ AZ09pro is an absolute chonkster. (Airpods for scale).

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2022.01.17 14:15 Desperate_Spring8195 Looking for a JRPG with multiple Endings + Good Romance system

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2022.01.17 14:15 KAIZERofMANILA Killing for mork and gork or killing for gork and mork

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2022.01.17 14:15 BizarroSam Get $5 off your first order with Skip The Dishes. Pickup or have your favourite restaurant food delivered right to your door! No need to cook tonight. Stay home and enjoy a meal for less. Enjoy!!

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2022.01.17 14:15 bigbrainitchy New Drama: RESET (2022) - Excellent Sci-Fi Mystery Plot GO WATCH IT!

Stumbled upon this gem Reset (2022) while I was looking at the trending dramas on Weibo and I am so glad I decided to watch it! I finished the first few episodes all in one go and now I'm stuck waiting for more T_T
It's a time-loop sci-fi drama with Bai Jingting and Zhao Jinmai as the leads. It's very short as well, just 15 episodes. It has excellent story-telling and a great plot that keeps you on the toes. Also great acting from the leads, especially Zhao Jinmai and the supporting cast has many great veterans. Here's the mydramalist link to the drama:
Did I also mention that a lot of supporting cast and behind-the-screen people are from Nirvana in Fire?
Go check it out! It's definitely worth-watching!!
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2022.01.17 14:15 TheConvicted63 Recent acquisition for my birthday! I love it!

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2022.01.17 14:15 Argosrho7x I can't fly anymore.

So today for some reason, I'm unable to fly. I have all of the aether currents, I've been end Walker but all of my mounts that can fly, can't anymore. I need help.
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2022.01.17 14:15 EmircanTheWizard Kiz arkadasimla opusurken nasil daha cok zevk aliriz?

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2022.01.17 14:15 CaballeroKnight Covid and trapped at home for a week 😅 Feel free to Dm I have more than free time this week 😁 have a great week and yall are pretty and amazing ✌️

Covid and trapped at home for a week 😅 Feel free to Dm I have more than free time this week 😁 have a great week and yall are pretty and amazing ✌️ submitted by CaballeroKnight to FreeCompliments [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 14:15 boinabbc 21 New Data Science, Data Engineering and Machine Learning jobs

Job Title Company Location Country Skills
Data Engineer TCS United States Spark, Kafka, BigQuery
Data Engineer 2 Kagr Llc United States ETL
Machine learning engineer Lecopt Technology Limited New Territories Hong Kong Java
Analyst - Data Scientist United Airlines Inc. Gurgaon India SQL, Machine Learning, Modeling
Senior Machine Learning Engineer BigSpring Hyderabad India Python, Java, Machine Learning
AWS Redshift Data Engineer ClearScale Remote Remote SQL, AWS, Modeling
WerkstudentIn – Data Scientist/Investment Consulta... MERITO Financial Solutions GmbH Wien Austria Python, Java
Data Analyst w dziale Supply Chain Analytics Nestlé Warszawa Poland Power BI, SQL
Data Scientist Samsung Electronics Canada Python, Deep Learning
Data Scientist ShareThis, Inc Remote Remote Java, Bayesian
CIB Reference Data Analyst JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. Buenos Aires Argentina
DATA ENGINEER F/H Umanis Levallois-Perret (92) France Java, Kafka, Python
Data Analyst Junior pour un cabinet de conseil Academic Work Distretto di Riviera Switzerland Tableau
DATA SCIENTIST Option Intérim 75008 Paris 8e France SQL, Machine Learning
Senior Data Scientist CYOS Solutions Canberra ACT Australia Power BI
Sr. Data Scientist Ascension St. Louis Remote Machine Learning, Python, SQL
Data Analyst (H/F) Experis Lille (59) France Python, SQL
Senior Data Analyst Cubane Solutions AB Malmö Sweden SQL, A/B Testing
Data Engineer Adecco Madrid Spain Spark, Modeling, SQL
Customer-Facing Data Analyst (m/f/d) Y42 Berlin Germany SQL, Scala, Business Intelligence
Senior Data Scientist (m/f/d) claimsforce Hamburg Germany Machine Learning
Hey everyone, here are 21 New Data Science, Data Engineering and Machine Learning jobs.
For more, check our Google sheet with more opportunities in Data Science and Machine Learning (updated each week) here
Let me know if you have any questions. Cheers!
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2022.01.17 14:15 69ing_Elfes OMG WTF MY FRIEND IS A CREEP!!

We were in French class on our PC and my friend (16) downloaded something to get on THE DEEPWEB!!
Please someone what to do???
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2022.01.17 14:15 IronStark917 "Farewell to all the plans that we made."

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2022.01.17 14:15 MyWifeH8sThis [WTB] SB BTFA FOLDING ADAPTER $85?? (KY)

Looking for an sb tactical buffer tube folding adapter. Salt is ok as long as it functions as it should.
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2022.01.17 14:15 Cowlickin Am I sexist?

I don’t hate women as a whole or any girl I’ve ever met in real life but whenever I hear some girl on the internet use “period”,”purr” or “sksk” “oop” “shitting bricks” or “I-“ I get kind of frustrated I don’t even know why it’s just a visceral reaction only from simple words
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2022.01.17 14:15 Purple-Yak9328 hey everyone we started a reforestation program powered by nfts

Hey everyone I started a project that will help to plant trees for every nft purchased. We have a collaboration with, and we're in the process of trying to work something out with check out some of our work and maybe give us a like and a follow on social media
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2022.01.17 14:15 ndrewsteiner Funny how bad the dancing is

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2022.01.17 14:15 BraveReddit2022 The Gamiverse revolutionizes Esports and Blockchain gaming with its stunning performance in the industry

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2022.01.17 14:15 JimJammer8888 Kerala Covid Rules?

How do I find out what the current Covid rules are in Kerala? I will be visiting in a few weeks
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2022.01.17 14:15 BaelishTheBard I can live with this change

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2022.01.17 14:15 raaner12 Los puestos de trabajo relacionados a criptomonedas en LinkedIn se dispararon un 395% en 2021

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2022.01.17 14:15 thebuttersoul Nike show that I can't remember

It looked like an air force but it could be a dunk for all I can remember all I know is that it had some text on the side about nike (no not off white) and the metal thing that the air forces usualy have was heat tinted the shoe itself also wasn't plain black or white
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