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Getting ready to sign the paperwork on my first home

2021.12.09 05:18 rockchalkjayhawk8082 Getting ready to sign the paperwork on my first home

Okay, y'all. I'm a long-time lurker, but 1st time poster. A little over 2 years ago, my SO & I moved to central TX with the intention of purchasing a starter home, saving $$$ & eventually buying land to build our new home upon. Well, by many fortunate strokes of luck, that moment arrived more quickly than expected & on the 29th of this month, I'll be signing the paperwork to officially purchase my very first home. Y'all, please don't laugh at this, but I'm BEYOND terrified. I grew up in a disadvantaged situation & NEVER in my wildest dreams believed I'd be a homeowner until my twilight years...now, here I am at 41, about to take a leap off of the biggest cliff I've ever seen. Is this kind of fear normal?!?
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2021.12.09 05:18 RedCaul The grind truly never stops…

So I just finished my Arts Portfolio for Stanford RD (the last school I’m applying to this year), but my ED school decision comes out in just over a week, after which I need to either dive straight into RD apps (assuming I get rejected), and spend hours comparing each aspect of the colleges I am accepted into. Anyone also exhausted by this whole process in conjunction with schoolwork?
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2021.12.09 05:18 JessicaTittel „Sie können Ihre Bewohner über einen eigenen Haus-TV-Kanal jederzeit mit internen Informationen erreichen oder an Veranstaltungen teilhaben lassen. Digitalisieren Sie Ihr ‚Schwarzes Brett’ unkompliziert.“ (2021)

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2021.12.09 05:18 Throwaw97390 Slowest fladh to bang ever

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2021.12.09 05:18 KamionBen J'ai reçu mon cadeau du Père Noël Secret, j'adore ! Mais je ne sais pas qui remercier :-/

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2021.12.09 05:18 Repulsive-Age-698 Don't be stupid people.

Giving away your right to free speech is giving up your right to share your opinion on something. When you give up your right to speak your mind you lose power, in the real world, not the dumbed down society you guys wish to live in. It's pure incompetence, the worst trait for anyone in a society. People need to deal with their problems, and understand that the world doesn't revolve around their feelings. Nowadays people are bitches. I can understand being hurt, and insecure. Sure people could definilty be more respectful, and that's a given. but y'all go too forcing everyone else to baby you just because you couldnt get up and walk it off like a strong intellectual is depressing. It's a really self destructive tendency. You who think your benefiting society are the ones breaking it from the inside out. I know y'all are gonna be heated, but quite frankly idgaf
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2021.12.09 05:18 mvms_lo What’s the craziest butterfly effect that has happened to you?

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2021.12.09 05:18 Independent-Yak-1130 Yep, I’m not gonna sleep well at all.

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2021.12.09 05:18 Jolene04 Gem I found in an ask reddit

There exists hentai characters that can effortlessly defeat both Goku and Superman, such as Kazuya, the main character of the hentai game Shrift, who can with his angel form destroy an infinite amount of infinitely sized hyperdimensional multiverses with a single swing of his sword. And there's hentai characters even more powerful than Kazuya, such as the Apostle of Chaos Cleo Adra from Monster Girl Quest: Paradox. She completely transcends Kazuya and characters even stronger than him such as the Old One.
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2021.12.09 05:18 KaiahAurora The winner of this year's bunny olympics high jump

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2021.12.09 05:18 somegymnastsand Friend’s little sister (iktr)

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2021.12.09 05:18 kittensandflowers For science 👀 (physical Kaeya obviously)

View Poll
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2021.12.09 05:18 -The_Grim_Reaper The mods 👍🏻 they fixed the Flair stuffz already

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2021.12.09 05:18 00010101 Hell no boomer

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2021.12.09 05:18 Qwerty172xx How to stop getting treated like trash?

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2021.12.09 05:18 truetheripper Anyone else having trouble with HBOMax when trying to view AJLT?

I have the 15$ plan and it’s saying I need to switch my plan to view.
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2021.12.09 05:18 SufficientShelter522 Question.... help!

Hi there,
I studied cyber security and offered to help someone studying computer science with a maths question... unfortunately its actually well above me... anyone able to assist? Thanks in advance.
Prove (mathematically) that the total weight 𝑤(𝑇MST) of the minimum spanning tree 𝑇MST is smaller than the total length 𝐿1 of the most efficient route (circuit), which can be obtained by the algorithm in Q1-1. Hint: remark that any circuit that passes through all the vertices at once includes a spanning tree inside. The path given by removing one edge from such a circuit is always a spanning tree
Q1-1 Algorithm:
As a naïve way, consider the following algorithm.
Step 1. List all possible circuits (paths) starting from and terminating at London passing through all the cities.
Step 2. Calculate the circuit (path) length (cost) for all the paths listed in step 1, and find the path with the smallest cost (shortest path length).
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2021.12.09 05:18 patricksmith84 How can I lose or reduce thigh and hip fat?

The hips are problematic for many women. Here, is the 6 best exercise to reduce hip size. The tendency to accumulate fat deposits in this area of ​​the body is an eminently feminine problem. It is not the most suitable for health and aesthetically it can be a problem. Especially when it comes to finding clothes that fit your figure and feel good.
That is why so many women wonder how to slim their hips. Even those who lead an active life and have an average bodyweight that is considered healthy. If this is your case, these exercise to reduce hip size will help you to end this problem.
Exercises to reduce hip size
Losing weight does not always mean a reduction in the circumference of the hips. So how to reduce hips effectively? Through specific exercises. These are also effective exercises to slim the waist, so they will help you reduce the volume of the entire abdominal area.
These exercises can be part of a specific exercise routine to reduce hips. Or join a general routine with exercises that target different muscle groups and areas of the body. Based on your specific needs, you can design your exercise routine.
In any case, if you are considering how to effectively and permanently slim hips, practice them frequently. You will notice the results.
Are you an athlete in good shape? Then you can do these exercises more demandingly using ankle weights. And, in the case of raising the hips, with a weight in the belly area
1. Classic leg raise
Place a mat or sports mat on the floor to work comfortably and without damaging your joints. Lie on it face down and rest the palms of your hands and the tips of your feet on it.
Raise your right leg in a straight line with your back and without bending your knee. Stop when your leg is parallel to the ground. So, in that position, hold 3 seconds. Then lower your leg again without bending your knee until you return to the starting position.
Execute the same movement 19 more times. And replicate it another 20 but now raising the left leg.
2. Lateral leg raise
It is another of the most effective exercises to reduce hip size and has certain similarities with the previous one.
Lie down on the mat but now on your side, with your hips resting on it. You should also support yourself on your elbow and keep your legs stretched out on the other.
Starting from this starting position, raise one leg, keeping it straight at all times, to the maximum height you can without feeling pain. Hold the pose for 2-3 seconds. Lower yourself straight and slowly back to the starting position.
Repeat the movement until the exercise is completed 20 times. Then change your posture to get in the same position but supported on the opposite side and elbow. Then repeat the exercise with the other leg until the movement is completed 20 times.
3. Leg stretch
Are you looking for exercises to reduce hips that in turn are exercises to slim your waist? Leg stretches cannot be missing from your exercise routine.
To begin, stand on the mat in the position colloquially called “on all fours.” The palms of your hands, elbows, knees and the balls of your feet should be resting on the ground.
Without losing position, stretch your right leg back until it is straight parallel to the ground. And without flexing, raise it to the maximum point you can, without actually forcing it over the pain. Hold the position for 3-5 minutes, depending on how you can handle it. And return to the starting position in one smooth movement.
After doing this full movement 20 times, do the exercise by now raising your left leg and keeping your right still. Also until completing 20 repetitions.
4. Hip lift
This is another of the exercises to reduce hips more effective and simple to execute. It requires work and effort, of course, if you consider how to slim your hips with physical exercise. But it lacks difficulty.
To do it, lie on your back on the mat or mat. Bend your legs and place the soles of your feet on the floor. Place your arms close to the sides of the trunk.
The movement begins. To do this, raise the pelvis by raising it until it reaches the same height as the knees and contracting the buttocks. In this position, the back will be slightly off the ground. But shoulders, arms and head will remain supported on it.
Hold for 10 seconds. Perhaps the first few times it will be difficult to maintain it for so long but little by little you will be able to do it more easily. After this stop, lower the pelvis again to return to the starting position. Run this exercise 20 times.
5. Forward stride
It is very simple. One of the most common among exercises to reduce hips. It consists of advancing the right leg until the left knee is touching the ground. Return to the starting position and then the one you should move forward is the left leg.
To begin: stand with your hands akimbo on your waist and your legs slightly apart. Take a step forward with your right leg with your trunk as straight as possible at all times. Keep your leg at a 90º angle at the knee and your foot flat on the floor.
Keep the left knee close to the ground but not touching it and at the end of the movement supported on the tip. Hold the position for 3 seconds and return to the starting position.
Perform the exercise 20 times on each leg.
6. Lateral stride
Similar to the previous exercise. But starting from the same starting position, move your right leg to the right as much as you can, bending the knee. Return to the center and execute the movement with the other leg. Repeat the entire movement 20 times.
This exercise routine to reduce hips is very effective. For it to give the expected result, you must run it completely several times a week. Include it in your workouts and you will notice how you lose volume in that critical area of the body. Read More On How to get slim hips and thigs in 2 weeks
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2021.12.09 05:18 -____deleted_____- Impresions, me, cut paper and sharpie, 2021

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2021.12.09 05:18 euphor12 Herr Reichelt, können Sie ohne "Bild" leben? "'Bild' war Julian Reichelt" [Interview in den Kommentaren]

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2021.12.09 05:18 KiwiAlarming5594 $KaiZilla | Community-oriented mem-token | Deflationary scenario thanks to Buy Back and Burn | Anti-Whale mechanizm - 2% limit on total supply per address and 1% limit on total supply per transaction | Created by an experienced team that passed KYC | Listings on Pancake and CoinGecko

🔥KaiZilla Token is a social meme token, 100% community-driven and created by an experienced KYC-trained development team.

The product leader owns his own CEX, as well as a bank in Switzerland.

⚙️The platform is powered by the $KaiZilla token built on Binance Smart Chain.

Total Supply - $1,000,000,000 $KaiZilla

Token Adress (BSC):0xbf7166D3Ca2A1492BFe6F169319D1bC4fCBCE728

💣The project has a deflationary mechanism that provides $KaiZilla Token with stable growth and a stable lower price cap - 5% of each transaction is automatically redeemed & burned.

Also, KaiZilla Token uses Anti-whale mechanizm that limits big players' influence on coin price - no more than 2% of total supply is allowed per adress. & one transaction cannot have more than 1% of total supply.

In the near future, the team plans to list on CoinMarketCap and Cex, as well as launch NFT and its own metaverse.

📍More information about the product - /kaizilla dot io
📍project chat - telegram KaizillaOfficial
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2021.12.09 05:18 shellybaby22 Does this have potential to last? Why/why not?

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2021.12.09 05:18 KCTurkeyTL Yeni Referans Programında 10 Milyon Dolarlık Ödül

Yeni Referans Programında 10 Milyon Dolarlık Ödül
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2021.12.09 05:18 zharzhorvidaje Was able to afford a full cart of groceries for the first time since moving out, life is good.

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