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What do you like to have with/on chicken?

2021.12.09 05:22 floraltwit What do you like to have with/on chicken?

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2021.12.09 05:22 hybrows Question for Americans

So this sub has a lot of Americans and I'm form India so i always wondered why do Americans have red patches on their face!? Like any specific reason for that cuz in India literally no one has like red patches (we have worse problems ig) but please tell me I'm just curious
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2021.12.09 05:22 meowsara Selling after race tickets for all days

Dm if interested
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2021.12.09 05:22 RealityCrave AFI Awards Honorees

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2021.12.09 05:22 LSD_J 3CX chrome extension updated

The normal 3CX chrome extension updated to 3CX Click2call, a crm feature, this has now completely removed the chrome extension with the phone keyboard to answer and make calls etc.
How do I revert back to the normal 3CX chrome extension?
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2021.12.09 05:22 ScottBradley4_99 I’d love to see Destiny’s reaction to this

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2021.12.09 05:22 UnlimitedMetroCard Garchomp squad WYA?

I was a day one purchaser of the chompster and the Stakeout holo, but wanting to actually win, I didn’t get to play as him much in ranked. But now? Oh. Yes. He is definitely more competitive.
I’ve only been playing an hour obviously since the server only came back up about 90 minutes ago, but the crit build is deadly now. Also using x-attack for overkill.
Unleash the dragon, boys and gals!
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2021.12.09 05:22 SnooCats7596 i tried my best to make death from darksiders

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2021.12.09 05:22 IAMKINGNOTYO How to fix the visual glitches on PS5 and XSX

You have to turn of texture streaming. It is glitches so it causes a lot of the texture bugs. Turn it off and you will also get less lag while also not feel like your playing on a potato
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2021.12.09 05:22 Zomolos TIK TOK!

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2021.12.09 05:22 psherman42wallabyst what would you make of a girl you ghosted texting you after months?

this is gonna sound all kinds of stupid/maybe even pathetic so please don’t worry about pointing that out. i’m (27/F) had been speaking with this man (40/M) a couple months back, say september ish i think. we go on one incredible date, the sparks are everywhere. the chemistry is palpable. i’m nervous on a date for the first time in a while (i go on dates a fair amount). he’s so handsome (impossible not to stare at handsome) endearingly shy but nerdy and incredibly intelligent (my weakness) interesting, you name it.
turns out we have quite a bit in common as well. the first date is as first dates should be. it’s light, fun, flirty, sexy, a little deep talk but not too much. the place we had dinner closes so we head on over to another until that one closes. there we kiss and get more touchy feely and just giggle at nothing while staring at each other. i know i like him, we’re attracted to each other. we leave to go to my car and make out like teenagers. like, it’s steamy and i still think about it to this day and it turns me on.. anyway. he eventually leaves (i force him out) and we make plans to meet up the next day.
i go to his (gigantic) house and we waste a little time but sooner rather than later, we get naked. and although a little part of me thinks we should wait, which i voice out, he says something along the lines of him thinking it’s romantic or something. so i ignore and go crazy on this man on his couch. afterwards we chat and cuddle and it’s sweet. he wants me to stay over. i do. we go to bed. up again in the am, more lengthy sweet talk (this time waaaay deeper, oh! last night he tells me he has a young son and i found out he was recently divorced night one, and the pain was clearly visible on night one. it drew me closer to him somehow) back to the morning after, we have sex after i initiate, we go to breakfast, i feel a little off he picks up on it, i brush it off. we carry on, eat, part ways. no talk of seeing one another again.
whew, almost there. i’m uneasy and unsettled so i reach out after a couple days of silence. i should say i thought i was a zero expectation girl. but i guess i was more affected than i let on with this one. long story short, i tell him i think he’s great blah blah but i hope he didn’t do all this just to get in my pants coz i actually think he’s great and i like him (i know i know) and more. guess you could say the guy affected me. he responds back in detail in the most sincere way i’ve ever known a man to respond. it’s heartfelt and he tells me he likes me and is attracted to me but ultimately, he’s going through a rough and i mean rough time with divorce lawyers and fighting for custody and i mean, heavy stuff. and work is also taking a toll he usually works crazy hours. he tells me how he’s probably not gonna be ready to date any time soon but that he wants to get know me. i think on it ( for a hot second) and decide to keep a door open for this man.
so for a couple weeks we text, he sends me pictures of his son (he had assured me after that panicked, revealing text i’d sent him that if he’d planned on just sleeping with me, he would not have shared he has a son) and then goes silent. i don’t reach out and he eventually does. turns out he had an accident that landed him in hospital. what are the chances of that. i sympathise and text him and i’m worried and want to see him but parents are in town, and i don’t know him well enough. he sends me updates and apologises every time he doesn’t reach out for a while. he even said he’ll keep texting unless i preferred that he ghost me (in hindsight, kind of weird to say) which i assured him i would not.
laughably, he does eventually ghost me after i sent him a text i thought was harmless (i’m not naive enough to believe another accident ensued. how many accidents can one get into) although the thought did cross my mind. sigh) sooooooo this was MUCH longer than i ever planned to write. bless you for reading this far.
it’s now been months without any communication (i know, why do i still care) i’ve managed to shove him at the back of my mind for the most part and move on with my life. but gosh, sometimes he’ll bloody well creep in when i’m on dates with other incredible men for pete’s gosh darn sake.
given this information, what would it look like to you if a girl you ghosted writes to you after months? and is there anything she could say that could maybe get you to open up about why? i don’t want anything to happen with this man (nothing will) i guess i wanna know why. which i also know is dumb as i’ll probably never know. and i’ve been ghosted before and it didn’t have such an impact. also have ghosted and went back to apologize and woman up. it’s just a shitty thing to do and experience.
again, THANK YOU for reading this.
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2021.12.09 05:22 linlee2021 [Match Preview]Celtic FC VS Real Betis-UEFA Europa League

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2021.12.09 05:22 Helen3r5 Dressmaking by hand - books

Hi! I’m searching for good books about hand sewing clothes (for attempting some historical costumes but also making couture). I found these two that seems interesting, what do you think about them?
Thank you! ☺️
The Modern Maker vol. 3: Handsewing Stitches for Garment Construction https://www.amazon.com/dp/1659012619/ref=cm_sw_r_awdo_navT_a_9WZ8XK1VBKWZDBPMRC48
Taunton Press Book, Assorted https://www.amazon.com/dp/1600853358/ref=cm_sw_r_awdo_navT_a_JRX8K5HW3MV7KZY0XNQN
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2021.12.09 05:22 Scheming_Deming A bit of Excel Work - Thursday

A bit of Excel Work - Thursday Not exactly a stellar day yesterday, with only 7 winners form 35 races, but those are the perils of making a selection for every race and one of the reasons for doing this. It's all good data to make things better.
Santa Florentina nearly made it all worthwhile, rolling in second at 80-1. However, it is all grist to the mill. Today we have another multi-meeting day and over thirty races to pick from, so for your pleasure and entertainment ...

A bit of Excel Work - Newcastle

A bit of Excel Work - Warwick

A bit of Excel Work - Taunton

A bit of Excel Work - Tramore

A bit of Excel Work - Chelmsford
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2021.12.09 05:22 Hematophagian China says western nations will regret Olympic boycott

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2021.12.09 05:22 HeadCanon69 Looking for an Animated Movie About a Wooden Horse Made to Cross the Ocean.

Hello, as mentioned in the title I am searching for an animation I watched along time ago and only vaguely remember. I will try to list the key points that I recall in hopes that someone else is familiar with the animation and knows its name, but forgive me if some of my details are off as it has been a long time since I saw it.
It would have been from 20+ (though maybe as recent as 15) years ago about a group that lives in a forest canopy with a large suspended pool of water. Water is feared in setting as almost no one can swim, but the protagonist can and we see it demonstrated in the beginning when he falls into the above mentioned pool.
The protagonist eventually leaves his home and travels to a seaside town where they construct a wooden horse (similar to the Trojan horse), with the intention that it will be tall enough to walk along the bottom.
The local religious leader considers the desire to cross the ocean profane and sets fire to the horse. He attacks the protagonist during the movie climax, and I am fairly sure he had blades hidden in his staff.
I have a strong impression that this animation had anthropomorphic characters, though they may have been regular humans.
That is about all I can remember, which isn't allot, but I would have thought unique enough to get a hit on Google. Hopefully one of you kind Redditors can help me out.
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2021.12.09 05:22 Scythers Maxed out the PUBG New State - Season 1 Pass!

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2021.12.09 05:22 lockelamora_107 Tips for writing character relationships

I'm writing a fantasy drama where the main conflict arises from the relationships of characters in a certain group..they maybe good or bad..but I want to create that complexity you get in, Game of Thrones..where each character sees each other differently..Does anyone have any advice?
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2021.12.09 05:22 PistopherJones Post-watch thoughts

Hey guys, I just finished watching Gnomeo and Juliet for the first time, and I’m pleasantly surprised. I noticed the movie had a 54% score on IMDB, so I had low expectations going into this experience.
But I must say, this rating is ridiculous. This was an amazing experience of a movie, and was an emotional roller coaster of humour, romance and the occasional sad scene, (I shed a few tears when I thought the titular couple had died).
The animation was exactly how I enjoy it, and the score was outstanding for a movie rated so lowly!
Overall, I’d have given this movie at the very least a 80%.
I look forward to trying the second film.
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2021.12.09 05:22 LocationFull1740 YO IF I DICK DOWN MY TA WILL I PASS MY CLASS

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2021.12.09 05:22 Possible_Ad_4027 A coolie raises a load upwards against the force of gravity then the work done by the load is:

(a) zero.
(b) positive work.
(c)negative work.
(d) none of these.
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2021.12.09 05:22 customnewspk Elizabeth Hill Silver Mine set to be re-opened - NewsnReleases

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2021.12.09 05:22 Nectarine-Regular How do they know?

I’m not mormon or religious in any way, but I live in salt lake, and myself and my buddies visit temple square semi regularly. Every time we try to enter the temple, and without fail we’re intercepted and turned away before we can reach the top of the stairs. What gives?
White, clean cut. Don’t have the white shirt and tie but like, feel like we should at least be able to get through the doorway.
I’ve skimmed the Book of Mormon and know the basics, and have talked to enough momonomos to know how much the church screws with peoples ability to enjoy life. Good on everyone who has gotten out and I have nothing but compassion to those who are trapped or willingly a part of the LDS community. Really I have compassion for pretty much everyone on some level, but my biggest question that I want to know is how/why am I not able to get within 20 feet of the temple doors?
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2021.12.09 05:22 saelixer I just want a core friend group.

I try so hard to make friends but always fail. Nothings been hurting more lately than the idea that i’ll never experience the tight knit closeness that friend groups do. everyone just ends up hating me.
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2021.12.09 05:22 __Gxlden__ ITS ABOUT DRIVE ITS ABOUT POWER

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