قوات الاحتلال تعتقل 24 مواطنا من الضفة

2021.12.09 05:09 watan592 قوات الاحتلال تعتقل 24 مواطنا من الضفة

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2021.12.09 05:09 Educational_Sleep_93 WELP LAST PENTA BEFORE AXIUM ARC GETS NERF

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2021.12.09 05:09 Munchingtonalistic How do you feel about the hypocrisy of earth lovers also being stern Pro-maskers which are causing unseen pollution?

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2021.12.09 05:09 _Lefky_ Heartrate during workout

I've had a miband 6 for a few months now and haven't found anything about this anywhere... As I'm working out I'd like to see my current heartrate. But the only thing I could find was so set alerts between heart rate zones or whenever my heartrate goes above a certain threshold.
Can't I just display my heart rate on the watch at all times?
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2021.12.09 05:09 TasiVasQwibQwib Finally off after 8 days. He wanted dinner in bed and cuddles. My heart is bursting with love rn.

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2021.12.09 05:09 Alarmed_Ride7090 I shall return to monkee

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2021.12.09 05:09 watan592 تحذير امريكي لروسيا خلال الاتصال بين "بايدن" و "بوتين" !

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2021.12.09 05:09 TheInsaneApp 😆

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2021.12.09 05:09 infinityOphis Graduate Apprentice with Entry level Tag with 8-10 years experience?

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2021.12.09 05:09 Roseonyxx What I learnt from my very expensive migraine specialist today

Other than a head injury I had a few years ago which could have something to do with the cluster like symptoms (My brain scan showed no injury) I visited a specialist today, and they felt around my spine at the base of my neck and discovered I have something called a C2/C3 disc dysfunction which could be correlated to either the way I sleep and or posture. mind you I am only 25 And I have been experiencing migraines for 3 1/2 years every other day. It could be worth investigating yourself because now I have a glimmer of hope that this could be fixed Has anybody tried these methods before because I would like to hear your experience as this will be so expensive to go back every week so they can realign those two lil bits of my spine
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2021.12.09 05:09 aweoat263 End-to-end guide to kubectl commands

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2021.12.09 05:09 Wize_Cracker Fuck this mouse

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2021.12.09 05:09 ZanyDroid Difficult crawlspace kitchen ventilation: technical advise on proposal and how to bid out

I’m getting a downvent replaced with new telescoping unit, blower, and ductwork. The appliance is from Best Cattura. I need help with the following challenges:

The main source for all this concern is that the proposal from the installer derates CFM performance by over 50%. Even if I convince them to make corrections, can I really trust them to max out the performance on installation after that mistake (EG, they could pick bends and fittings that unnecessarily increase static pressure. As well, it does not seem appropriate for the home owner to need to micro and second guess this simple 40 foot run. On the other hand, is it appropriate to expect more from a design they spent 10 min thinkin about during a $125 site visit (San Francisco).
Note that I have forwarded most of these concerns to the installer along with the datasheets and photos.
Excerpts from datasheet and and crawlspace / existing foundation perimeter pictures here.
There are two objections I have with the design.
  1. The big one is that the telescoping intake and blower system from Best is designed around 10" round and 4.5"x18.5" rectangular fittings. This is a cross section of 78 in^2 - 83 in^2. However, the installer wanted to reuse the 6" round exhaust that was retrofitted in my existing downdraft into a duct cut into my concrete crawlspace perimeter (likely reusing one of the vents). This will reduce the cross-section area to 28 in^2, which requires a 2.75x increase in air velocity to achieve the same CFM! This is definitely going to significantly derate the system. I will get not great airflow for the amount of noise the blower is throwing out. It would be pretty dumb to go up to 1200CFM of blower just to push through this constriction, although I guess it's not that much more money.
    1. I think there are two options to improve on this. They could use a custom rectangular fitting with the same height as the existing 6" round, or use something like a 6x10"
    2. Or they could exit through two crawlspace vents, with an appropriate Y fitting in the duct run. Each crawlspace vent is 3.5"x13". Two of these works out to about 80 in^2, allowing for tolerances in the fittings.
  2. The lesser objection is that they did not carefully check what size of inline blower would fit in the tight crawlspace, and said I only had the option of a blower in my cabinets, which I prefer not to have for noise reasons. The crawlspace is 24-28" high. The height of the inline blower that I think should fit is 12" high. My is a plank subboard, so probably I have the flexibility to mount directly onto that instead of the framing? If installed on the framing it seems quite difficult to get right (the framing takes 6" off the clearance)
    1. How much clearance is needed to service an inline blower?
    2. How much clearance is needed to drag this kind of hardware over to the installation location? There is a HVAC duct in the middle that will be difficult to navigate through.
    3. If I get a nice duct run at or below the manufacturer's recommended static pressure for the CFM, would an in-cabinet blower be OK [since it doesn't have to work as hard]?
  3. I believe that they are right in external blower (10" round fitting integrated into it) not working without risk of complex changes to the perimeter (like cutting) or framing.
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2021.12.09 05:09 sixwavs How to deal with obsessive feelings for boyfriend?

When my boyfriend and I first started dating, I was very obsessed with him, but I figured this was normal since we were in the honeymoon phase. However, it's been a little over a year now, and I'm still obsessed with him, even more than I was then. He's all I can ever think about. Around 97% of my thoughts during the day revolve around him. I'm not happy unless I'm spending time with him and when he's too busy for me or i feel like he's ignoring me I find myself spiraling into a bunch of intense emotions. Sometimes I get angry with him and want to break up, other times I get sad and overthink and cry. I usually keep all of this to myself when i'm feeling this way because I have a fear of being a burden... which is never a good idea because all of it just builds up until i eventually explode anyway :(
I love him more than anything but I am so emotionally dependent on him that its starting to take a toll on my mental health and I don't know what to do about it. If anyone has any advice on how to deal with this, it would be greatly appreciated.
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2021.12.09 05:09 watan592 تحذير هام صادر عن المفوض العام لوكالة الغوث...تفاصيل

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2021.12.09 05:09 Dustijs- Subtetly rogue mage tower

Was trying out mage tower yesterday on my rogue, shadowlands gear ~ 250 ivl with sockets. Phial and salvaged fusion amplifier as trinkets. Augment rune, flasks, pots , oils, enchants, food - all regular shadowlands stuff. I even used tome to swap from single target to aoe in last phase.
For last phase I was using cripling poison and talent that makes shuricane storm slow for 30%.
So i got to last phase, I would say first boss fight is quite easy when you get the hang of it. Just have shadowstep to get out of the ice prison. Kick and stun as much as possible to mitigate damage, dont eat arcane bombs in the face. Yeah, there were tries for me where rng spawned the arcane bombs in my face or I was too slow to dodge, there were moments where I couldnt find sparkling spot instantly or didnt heal to full and phased too early. Anyways, people how do you deal with the last boss as sub rogue?
So he spawns in the middle, and purple shit starts to expand. I backpeddle slowly to the edge. He starts casting the adds. I sprint away to different place in platform - literally drums, shadowblades , shadowdance , aoe with the talent and black powder, those adds are not dying and they get super close to the purple area - i had to step in and I die in it. Even when I managed to clear first set of adds, the whole circle is about 70% filled with the purple shit and the boss has 50k or smth left of hp.
What am I missing? Do I really need to get some old gear op stuff to do this?
PS. The mage tower bugged for me, so I got my set anyways without killing the boss, but I wouldnt like they taking it from me so I want to beat the challenge anyway.
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2021.12.09 05:09 sutlittle99 Potential full purchase of Leeds United.

I don't exactly pay too much attention to the NFL because I watch English football all the time.
The past few days in the Engligh tabloids there's a rumor that the 49ers could takeover Leeds United completely in the next couple of years. This could cost up to £475 million ($628 million).
What do you guys think of this potential takeover?
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2021.12.09 05:09 redmaisy Staking CRO in defi wallet, any advice on the validator to use?

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2021.12.09 05:09 OohItzMario Outside of the weekly challenges, is there no other way to level the racing pass?

Outside of dailies as well of course, also, is there any point to leveling karts? My Peira just hit lvl 5 but still don't notice anything.
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2021.12.09 05:09 strufacats Researchers develop a world-first antibody-drug delivery system

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2021.12.09 05:09 onlyfanslinkz Coralitaxxo

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2021.12.09 05:09 -The_Grim_Reaper 5 days till anger actually its 2 but ok

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2021.12.09 05:09 Ltheother Rubberbanding issues

every since 2 days ago the servers have been jank as hell, I have been getting absurdly high pings going from 70 to 250 randomly even though i've gone above 40 before. there's nothing wrong with my internet i've tested several games and it's only happening with Apex i've switched servers and it's still happening. another weird thing is when i go in death boxes while this is happening I can't ping items, and usually the ping around 70-80 feels like 30 ping
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2021.12.09 05:09 watan592 منظمة الصحة العالمية تنشر تحذيراً بخصوص "اوميكرون"

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2021.12.09 05:09 LavishnessNo5826 [TIRADE] Ob Du ein verdammtes Telefon hast? Oder: Deutschland 2021

Freundin und ich gestern: Brauchen Gardinenstangen. Also zu Hammer gefahren, hat keine mehr, weil wir die vor einer Woche weggekauft haben und noch keine neuen da sind. Information für meine süddeutschen Brudis: Hammer ist eine Art Raumausstatter, in Bayern oder BaWü würde man mit vergleichbaren Bedürfnissen vielleicht zu XXXLutz oder Mömax oder so gehen, keine Ahnung, ich kaufe nicht so oft Gardinenstangen, das ist hier auch nicht wichtig. Mir war der Name zunächst auch neu. Wir bei Hammer in Düren angerufen, ob sie die da haben, nach Düren gefahren, betreten den Markt, et herrscht 2G, ist klar, ne? Ich krame Telefon raus, öffne den Ordner "Corona", lade eine meiner sieben Corona-Apps*, zeige meinen QR-Code vor, krame den Bundespersonalausweis raus, ah vielen Dank, Herr Lavishness, prima, danke. Freundin holt ihr Telefon raus und geht auf "Zertifikate anzeigen", scrollt runter, da steht deutlich: Impfzertifikat - Impfung 2 von 2 - Geimpft: 05.06.2021. Was sagt der freundliche Mitarbeiter zu ihr? "Ich muss das Piktogramm sehen." Meine Gesichtszüge erstarren. Meine Freundin: "Ja aber da steht doch, dass ich geimpft bin." "Ja aber ich muss das Piktogramm sehen" Der Mitarbeiter hat kein Telefon seinerseits in der Hand.
HAST DU EINE VERDAMMTE VORRICHTUNG ZUM AUSLESEN BINÄR CODIERTER DATEN IN DEINEM BULBUS? HAT DEINE MUTTER DIR EINEN APP-STORE AUF DER NETZHAUT GESCHENKT? ODER WIE WILLST DU OHNE EIN SCHEIẞ-TELEFON IHREN QR-CODE AUSLESEN? HAT DIE FIRMA DENSO DEINE BINDEHAUT LIZENSIERT, DU ANALOGE KRÖTE? Meine Freundin ganz kühl: "Mit Handy wäre besser". Der Mitarbeiter: "Ja, aber dann brauche ich ja auch eines". Erst jetzt werden mir einige Zusammenhänge klar. Ich, in der Vermutung, dass der arme Tropf wahrscheinlich gar kein Telefon hat: "Da wäre vielleicht ein Diensthandy ganz praktisch." Solange wundere ich mich nicht, wenn gemäß einem Apotheker aus RLP 70% der gelben Impfpässe gefälscht sind und es würde mich auch nicht wundern, wenn digital versiertere Querdenker bereits eine täuschend echte CovCheck-App für ungeimpfte Reichsbürger und die "ich-möchte-auf-einen-Totimpfstoff-warten"-Fraktion programmiert hätten. Wenn die Laden-Hüter unserer Republik glauben, sie könnten mit ihren Äuglein unseren Impfstatus sehen, dann wundere ich mich nicht, wenn andere Länder uns überholen, in Frankreich hat JEDER VERDAMMTE KELLNER UND GESCHIRR-TRÄGER ein verdammtes Smartphone mit einer datensicheren App drauf, um potenzielle Gäste vor dem Betreten des Lokals oder der Terrasse zu scannen UND DEREN VERDAMMTE QR-CODES AUCH TATSÄCHLICH AUSZULESEN!
*Es sind acht Corona-Apps, habe die spanische vergessen.
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