How old are dante and vergil anyway?

2021.12.09 04:17 shadow_demon_shini How old are dante and vergil anyway?

Vergil seems a little too young to have nero..did he knock up a teacher or something?and how the hell did he get laid i cant even imagine that edgy min number of words spoken prick get a hooker like the hooker be like do you want some pussy honey? He be like all i seek is power...also it would be cool to see him really care for woman like neros mom be in danger deadweight on the ground yelling noooo meanwhile a slash cuts the demons arm and vergil is saving her. Its weird that these characters still have sex you know? Like that arkham prick had a devil worshipin bible wanted to open a portal to hell become a demon and take over the world and at some point he said all right time for some poontang! Rawdoging some randoms! It must have been rape right?i mean look at that mug...nero lives in a world thats full of demons and monsters he has a demon arm with a girlfriend thats in a cult and hes like better buy that bitch a neckless and get i want a devil may cry porn parody..dante defeating female monsters and banging them.ahh dont take any of this seriously im just fucking around
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2021.12.09 04:17 blu3_sue Where should I grind for Elite Four?

I'm grinding for the elite four in Platinum, where is best?
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2021.12.09 04:17 yourmomsbaux OA Scheduling Saga

Good morning. I have a bit of an issue. I live and work in Brussels and have received an OA invite.
Recent work developments caused me to miss the registration window for the OA. I emailed the scheduling inbox and they provided dates around Christmas or New Year that are prohibitively expensive to realize.
If I decline these dates and reapply in March will I be scheduling an OA or starting from 0 again.
Thanks for your help.
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2021.12.09 04:17 Evoxity Advice on achieving single blend tree animation with support for multi layer sprite swap character sprite

Imagine a simple character creator where players can choose different hair, body shapes and so on in a simplistic game where characters simply change the direction perspective but have no real walking animation.
I can achieve this for a single sprite rather easily via a player animator and a walk blend tree. But once I create the 6-7 sub game elements for my character and stack them accordingly to display the same sprite but modifiable, addressing all of those sprites in a single sprite renderer and animating them is the issue I am facing.
I found this little tutorial series: 2D animation in Unity - The PERFECT workflow - YouTube Unity Sprite Swap! The perfect 2D workflow - YouTube
But in my particular case I have neither the sprite swapping package in my 2d preset of unity 2021.2.5f1, nor do I see the category and label sections when I head over to sprite editor -> visibility -> sprite. I suspect that it is due to me having skipped the bone rigging part, as my sprites lack limbs and thus don't really need bones.
I tried to circumvent this by manually adding a sprite library and an sprite resolver manually but that simply allows me to swap between a single sprite of a single category for the player game object, rather than to choose different sprites per category.
I would be grateful for any other tutorials on this particular subject of making multiple sprites appear as one and using all of them in a single animation to link to a blend tree.
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2021.12.09 04:17 1jacksonua is allll good baby

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2021.12.09 04:17 Kooky_Instruction_25 Best ball Dynasty trade

Made the playoffs should I give up a 2022 3rd for Sony?
View Poll
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2021.12.09 04:17 assagitaz Kogyo - Night Flight [Teamwrk Records]

Publisher: Teamwrk Records
Out Date: 2021-11-18
Quality: MP3 30.00 Mb / AIFF 132.15 Mb
Genre: Melodic House & Techno
Kogyo - Night Flight / (Key Dm, BPM 120, Length 12:29)​
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2021.12.09 04:17 centerflag982 /r/WiseDefense

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2021.12.09 04:17 Massey008 Why does casual avoidance of political correctness insult people so much? Additionally, why does such a small minority of individuals seem to have so much power in forcing political correctness on others that it almost feels oppressive?

For those who feel like this is TLDR: Just elaborate on the title of this post and let me know your personal opinions.
I'm specifically inquiring about this because I feel like PC over the past decade has crescendo'd into something with a negative an toxic vibe and am simply looking for people to reply who can give me their own elaborate thoughts on the topic to maybe help brainstorm a solution to misinterpretation and miscommunication that seems to occur around PC communities and the ensuing conflicts that accompany these 2 elements. Personally I feel that these communities are attempting what several supremacist groups have attempted in the past - Consolidation of everyone's culture into their community's culture - take this extreme example with a grain of salt - the common element between the two is simply that they seem invasive to outsiders of the community. To give a less controversial example though, it's also comparable to consolidation of defined elements among a team of programmers who initially, individually scripted several different parts of a program. This is a process that occurs after all individual programmers collaborate with one another - This allows things to be consolidated into "Like Terms" - for those who have a basic understanding of algebra with no knowledge of computer programming, I hope this more elaborate and less violent example gives you a better idea of what I'm trying to say. Last note here - Contrasting opinions are very welcome here as long as deliberate insults and condescending tone is at least attempted to be avoided. I'm simply trying to brainstorm with others to get to the root of why I feel this way about PC "Overreaching" and this Oppressive vibe I feel coming from it.
-Additional side note I attemtped to structure this post in a manner that would allow others to pick and choose what they wanted to read by placing headings over each example. This post turned into an extremely large Behemoth of a post because as I typed, I additionally analyzed my thoughts which cascaded into a series of other thoughts. Sorry for my ADHD everyone!
I'm not going to say political correctness has caused the entertainment industry to be ruined, like some would - I'm not that extreme. However, one outlet of entertainment that I enjoy that has pushed PC too far in my opinion are moderators on some MMO's, along with some online services for other gaming platforms. (For a specific example, see the final heading of this post.)
Introductory examples Don't get this inquiry twisted either, please. I believe in common courtesy and having the right amount of social sense to avoid conflict and insult, but when people are insulted just because someone is unfamiliar with a particular culture, I believe it's more of an example of misinterpretation and miscommunication - LGBT community I'm looking at you, Minding your pronouns sounds more relatable to an English professional correcting a toddler. Just because we don't live in your world doesn't mean that we intend to cause harm with our words. Our intent is never to insult unless we're talking about discriminatory assholes.

Another example would be someone accidentally saying you people to someone of color when they're actually categorizing them into a category like Otaku, or Gamer, or even just Lazy Bums - That latter example can also refer to hopeless people who are unemployed by choice living with their parents at the age of 40 doing nothing productive with their lives. It doesn't have to be race associated. I'm sure I stepped on a nerve there, but all of the outrage by simple misunderstandings in American culture need to be worked out in a more considerate manner. Side note, Color is referring not just to black people, but brown as well - I, myself, am pacific islander, more specifically Filipino. - Another side note here - Excessive, and almost violent extremism sparked by racism being tossed around and misrepresented in the news has led us Americans to almost be combative as opposed to raising awareness.
Comedy and Youtube Culture This has led to people having their careers ended after long-term doccumentation of their lives on Youtube - People placing violent comments on Jenna Marbles's page for example and many other OG's who made a career out of youtube led to them shutting down old videos, being demonitized for things that were intended to be comical durring the era they were produced, and people misinterpreting their role-play personality as their real personality. Some comedians are even scared to use some of their material because of how hard social media PC outcries are. The negative comments are always made by those who are insulted because the drive from insult gives them the motivation to leave something negative. Positive reviews or commentary are always neglected to be placed because those who consume the media and have a positive outlook usually don't have the attention span or thought to consideration afterwards to leave a positive comment. Because of this, the negativity consumes the comments page, and those who read comments before viewing the media are instantly turned off. I'm not saying it's ok to deliberately belittle minorities or those otherwise disadvantaged to give everyone a good laugh, but people seem to go into standup comedy shows, or youtube videos with the mindset that "This is not entertainment, roleplay, or acting, this is the "ENTERTAINER's" REAL PERSONALITY - (This mindset doesn't carry over as strongly to those in acting roles simply because everyone is on the pretense that the acting role does not portray the person who is acting - This is unfortunate because several comedians and youtube personalities use a fabricated persona to carry out their ACTS - people forget that these are acts). - Until it was made clear that Joji's Filthy Frank Roleplay was an entirely made up personality, and even after it was made clear, there were people who truely believed he was just a vulgar and horrid individual.
Personal example of avoidance of PC among disadvantaged/disabled populations: -Heads up this section's pretty longI hate the idea of overreaching to make a disabled person feel like everyone else, when they AREN'T like everyone else also. My best friend is a paraplegic due to Cerebral Palsy for example. He shattered his left shoulder in a grade 5 dislocation accident that is going to take him the better part of 2 years to MAYBE recover to 90%. (doctors say 75% but my medical knowledge from my kinesiology major I was in, says it's in that range between the 2). What I'm getting at, is that disabled individuals generally don't like that overreaching of PC because it feels plastic (unrealistic) to them. Realistically, he needs to have his wife stay home with him so that his 1 functional limb he has remaining isn't overworked, and he doesn't risk falling on the recovering shoulder when he goes to the bathroom especially specifically to take a shit. This doesn't mean he's incompetent, or that we, as a people, should not accept him into our society, it is simply the view of a realist to say he is different and as such, requires different treatment.
He wants to eventually be able to walk on his canes again since he's a more functional Cerebral Palsy victim. (This birth defect isn't generated right at birth usually, it's actually caused by neglect of attention directly after child birth where the infant isn't receiving enough oxygen, causing the brain to "melt" for lack of better terms. Some victims are entirely dependent for life on having a care taker due to this problem. When I'm in his presence I don't treat him with the royal treatment demanded by certain PC communities (additionally, I don't have to be mindful of what I say around him and he respects that completely), and in the event that I say something hurtful, it's only hurtful because it's grounded in reality, and I'm attempting to help him get over his inferiority complex that he developed. Example: He calls me and tells me he applied for this job today, then I tell him - "Hey man, there's several hurdles you'll have to overcome to manage that job, I'm not saying you're incompetent, I'm saying that you have better options out there, and accepting that job will only reduce your quality of life due to stress and anxiety." At that moment I tell him "I understand that it's hurtful to your pride for me to say such a thing especially because we're so close relationship wise, so this hits home even harder, but you must understand that I have your best interests at heart. With all of the religious upbringing and promises you were given that you would be healed by high school I totally understand that while I'm not saying you're incapable or incompetent, that's exactly how it's coming off to you, but you must lay down that dream and put your pride aside. We are 30+ years old now and you must make due with your current limitations. Those religious cooks who gave you false hope are just assholes who wanted to get in that communities good graces by actively faking that that were concerned about your well-being" - With that said, I do give him workout routines that he's capable of doing with his current limitations, even now, after his shoulder injury from 3 months ago. Staying physically active in some manner allows more nutrients to be deposited in his currently healing wounds. I just make sure he has no chance of stressing his injured shoulder with the routines, while focusing mostly on core and leg strength so that when he recovers he doesn't lose so much muscle mass that he can't stand upright on his canes anymore. - With all that said I do entirely disagree with deliberate belittling of the disabled, I just believe that being casual and accidentally insulting someone disabled should not be severely stomped on by the PC community. Additional side note here: I don't believe that all religious people fake concern for the well-being of the disadvantaged, but those who are truely concerned never have to socially display that they are concerned. Truely kind religious folk may even silently pray for the disadvantaged to get well again without alerting others to their concern when they know the only remedy for the individual is beyond any medical or physical help we can muster today. Those individuals who I believe are religious fakers are the ones who are attention seeking and seeking for approval of others in their community. AKA hypocritical people pleasers who search for self-gain in their community when carrying out these, sometimes mentally scarring acts (in my friend's case, he truely believed he would be healed one day.) - I specifically point this out because I believe that PC, in part, operates in a very similar community-self-reinforcing crescendo type of way, as does any extremist activism culture.
Example regarding MMO's and online moderators:
I quit playing a game called Neverwinter due to excessive PC. I typed in the word Jew, and got reported, then was given a warning that I would be banned if my behavior continued. The insane thing is that the context had nothing to do with discrimination; People were making masked references to Nazi practices from WWII and I said something along the lines of "Don't discriminate against someone simply because they're a Jew."
Additionally one of my friends got the same warning because after a random dungeon team crew finished the last dungeon boss his teammate said "Wow you guys are great! Thanks for the carry on this run" and he replied "Hell yeah brother!", and was subsequently reported by the guy he replied to. After being reported, the chat box was reviewed and he was given the same warning.
In the above instances I understand WHY they're trying to purge toxic people, I just think they're taking PC too far and blatantly ignoring context.
Final thoughts about PC, along with thoughts on Negative Impact of Excessive Social Media Use Last note here: The Co-vid isolation seems to have further impacted and amplified the voices of negative comments left as retaliation by those who strongly cling to PC. I feel that this overhanging negativity has lead to excessive dwelling on these comments by the artists or original posters of content. Additionally it seems to have lead to excessive social media use by those in isolation. The echos of who you associate yourself with on facebook can leave individuals feeling brainwashed or trapped in some mental state in their own mind due to the posts by individuals in their social circles, leading to ostricization, further development of depression, or amplification of their anger state leading to more violence. For this reason specifically, I've made my exit from Facebook. I never had any other social media accounts other than myspace, but only during the time that it predated Facebook. My excessive use of social media led me to believe what others in my social circle were saying about me. Consistent feeding of these judgements by others trapped me in my own mind about 8 years ago, yet a positive adjustment and lifestyle change into exercise and overall attempt to enhance my well-being (not just physical, but mental and spiritual well-being too, spiritual is not to be confused with religion since i'm agnostic - when I refer to spiritual I mean more on the side of intrapersonal relationship aka relationship with myself)
The toxicity in society isn't just caused by any one thing - but a combination of several factors. A comprehensive knowledge of many subject matters may further amplify and evolve my conclusion on the topic - which is just one more reason I ask for this community's replies. For those who made it through this behemoth of a post, I thank you and await your replies of your own experiences and/or your like-minded or contrasting views on these subjects.
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2021.12.09 04:17 WolverineFlaky784 Automatic fire !!!

As of today cannot shoot with the automatic fire regardless of the character or weapon ! Is this happening to anyone else ?
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2021.12.09 04:17 snipsnap27 My first ever poetry

If there was a god he would have killed us long ago
but instead he watches and sees his planet destroyed?
I'm thinking no

How come my grandma went to hell for being atheist
but you’re staying in heaven after you killed your child
“vaccines cause autism” you say
or even worse,
It turns them gay
Green new deal?
more like green new steal
very clever bitch
I hope you’re ready to teach your children how to swim
although the bacteria will probably kill them before they can confess their sins
now your only child left is gone
and yet you still think there's a god?

And now you've doomed my life
so why the hell won’t hell be waiting for you when you die?
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2021.12.09 04:17 Abo95 Why did this audio-only video make my eyes move back and forth?

The start of this video changed the sound between my right/left ears and it made my eyes just want and almost impulsively move back and forth with it... Why?
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2021.12.09 04:17 SniperOwl2K For those who are still waiting for crypto payments.

As I first looked into Tutanota, a bit over 3 years ago, the possibility to be able to pay with crypto seemed to be just around the corner. That's one of the reasons I chose Tutanota. I'm highly dissapointed in Tutanota that they take so long for something simple as that. Adding a crypto payment gateway is not that complicated. I've done it myself multiple times with different services. As a lot of you are probably sick of waiting, I'll give you a way to buy Tutanota premium with crypto. You can buy Tutanota gift cards with BTC and XMR on this site: I'm not affiliated or anything. This is just the page I personally use and there are probably way more websites that offer this service so do your own research. You don't even need an email to purchase so you can fully anonymously buy Tutanota premium.
Opinion: I don't want to use a third party shop to pay my email provider but if they don't implement a way to pay with crypto, (XMLTC would be my preference) idk if I can stay much longer with Tutanota. There are a lot of things I wish for Tutanota but they are just not there yet and development has been pretty slow in comparison to other provider. After removing the ability to add custom domains without paying extra and so many other small things, I'm pretty sure I will switch next year to another provider. Tutanota is still a great service but it might just not be the right one for me personally. Tell me your thoughts in the comment.
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2021.12.09 04:17 environmentind Smugglers using government amnesty scheme as a new tool for exotic wildlife trade

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2021.12.09 04:17 Angelajapan New Theme Update - DRIPPIN “Without U”

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2021.12.09 04:17 mikenike1990 *NEW* Rakuten $30 Sign Up Bonus | Spend $30+ on your first order and get $30 cashback via PayPal or Check (Earn Cash Back Through Regular Sites)

You will receive $30.00 when you sign up with the referral link below! This website gives you cash back at 1000s of stores! You receive cash back for shopping!
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2021.12.09 04:16 GNGVir Riven Gate All Audio Logs Halo Infinite

You can find Halo Infinite Riven Gate Audio Logs following this video guide.
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2021.12.09 04:16 preggobbwmilf F 22 Premium sc : http.kaylalala $10/lifetime access

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2021.12.09 04:16 O-ZoneGaming Digital progress -> Physical Toys ?

So I played using the physical toys for a week until I discovered digital mode and I wanted to know whether my digital progress transfers to my physical toys ?
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2021.12.09 04:16 Bifteckboy A wake

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2021.12.09 04:16 4Sammich Part 135 Initial Checkride Question

Just hired for a 135 VFR operations and I've read thru 135.293 and it appears to be a commercial checkride. Is it conducted like a regular check ride?
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2021.12.09 04:16 LJ_909 Biden nominee withdraws name after GOP ‘red scare’ campaign

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2021.12.09 04:16 myarsewhole lol these dudes think Ben Shapiro is a fruit cake😹😹😹

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2021.12.09 04:16 p00piepants my friend (showing me a bunch of sims cheats): see look, me: woah that’s a really good harry potter like they made his sims rlly hot, my friend: guh, that’s not even harry potter. and then we both laughed really hard because it was some random sim

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2021.12.09 04:16 JavaleONeal [For Sale] His Peers That God Fears - Soul sampled emotional boombap type beat *see pinned comment for more info*

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