t5e76 ei58t 36d6s f272y 9b45s 99idn 82fdy ah76f nyatn t3bnn znrke 8kefr ted4h 25ttz 38e4r yhd2z ti98z e79ib r6ftz sena3 a4zfs Rimini Street Wins Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award for Third-Party Enterprise Software Support Services Company of the Year |

Rimini Street Wins Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award for Third-Party Enterprise Software Support Services Company of the Year

2021.12.09 03:52 SAtechnewsbot Rimini Street Wins Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award for Third-Party Enterprise Software Support Services Company of the Year

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2021.12.09 03:52 BusyB_100 This is bull****

https://www.fanverse.org/threads/h-x-h-vs-bleach.585452/ This is the beginning of the bull****
https://www.fanverse.org/threads/killua-vs-ulquiorra.511153/ Ulquiorra>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Killua lmao
https://www.fanverse.org/threads/hxh-vs-bleach-characters.868963/ Some of it is true but for the other stuff. Yeah no…
https://www.fanverse.org/threads/grimmjow-vs-gon.838879/ Grimmjow>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Pitou lol
https://www.fanverse.org/threads/zaraki-kenpachi-vs-hisoka.184641/ Kenpachi>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Hisoka lmao
https://www.fanverse.org/threads/hisoka-hxh-vs-ichimaru-gin-bleach.307441/ Gin>>>>>>>>>>>>>Hisoka lol
https://www.fanverse.org/threads/uryu-ishida-vs-killua.475868/ Uryu>>>>>>Killua lol
https://www.fanverse.org/threads/shikai-ichigo-bankai-renji-vs-killua-gon.348587/ Ichigo/Renji>>>>>>>>>>Gon/Killua lol
https://www.fanverse.org/threads/killua-vs-ichigo.111633/ Ichigo>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Killua lmao
https://www.fanverse.org/threads/byakuya-vs-killua.271610/ Byakuya>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Killua lmao
https://www.fanverse.org/threads/ichigo-vs-hisoka.289887/ Ichigo>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Hisoka lmao
https://www.fanverse.org/threads/netero-hxh-vs-genryuusai-bleach.468235/ Yamamoto>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Netero lmao
https://www.fanverse.org/threads/meruem-vs-monster-aizen.695392/ Some of the people are right and some are dead wrong
https://www.fanverse.org/threads/ulquiorra-v-meruem.830143/ Some are right and some are dead wrong
https://www.fanverse.org/threads/coyote-starrk-bleach-vs-meruem-hxh.715444/ Starrk>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Meruem lol
https://www.fanverse.org/threads/ulquiorra-vs-feitan.582719/ They think Ulquiorra needs to release in order for him to win against Feitan when he can solo HxH in his base no diff
https://www.fanverse.org/threads/genei-ryodan-hxh-vs-espada-bleach.323693/ Espada>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Phantom Troupe😂
https://www.fanverse.org/threads/grimmjow-vs-meruem-hunter-x-hunter.987374/ Grimmjow>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Meruem😂
https://www.fanverse.org/threads/meruem-hunterxhunter-vs-espada-kaname-tousen-bleach.603716/ Tousen/Espada>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Meruem😂
https://www.fanverse.org/threads/dangai-ichigo-bleach-vs-transcension-gon-hunter-x-hunter.833068/ Dangai Ichigo>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Adult Gon lmao
https://www.fanverse.org/threads/killua-vs-rukia.212720/ Rukia>>>>>>>>Killua lol
https://www.fanverse.org/threads/mureum-vs-yoruichi.619864/ Yoruichi>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Meruem
Y’all see how inaccurate 90% of this is?
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2021.12.09 03:52 husaber Hmmm

Hmmm submitted by husaber to hmm [link] [comments]

2021.12.09 03:52 cosmikangaroo Emperor of outer space

Emperor of outer space submitted by cosmikangaroo to memes [link] [comments]

2021.12.09 03:52 Confuzed_huh Help. Air roll or not?

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2021.12.09 03:52 22zaram111 I spent 10000000000000 hours on the fanart of Fundy! I hope you like it :)

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2021.12.09 03:52 snoflakesmasher69 HD 450BT - Worth it?

I've had the 4.40bt for 2 years and the earcups have gotten quite fucked. Figured I'd just give myself an upgrade. Should I go for the 450bt? I've been reading reviews and it looks like most people aren't the biggest fans but I don't think there's anything else quite like it in my budget rn
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2021.12.09 03:52 bmoney831 Should I remap my controller layout in the midst of working on improving a mechanic?

I’ve been grinding my continuous air roll aerial control. I downloaded a rings map, and I’ve been working through that as well as some of the training packs (e.g. the redirects). With all the time I’ve put into this, I really want to master it before moving on to something else. However, I’ve also noticed a slight misstep in my button mapping.
Right now, I have no free air roll. I ARL with LB and ARR with RB and powerslide with LB. I pretty much never end up using ARL except during kickoffs, landing on my wheels, and the occasional quick correction. But I don’t want to unbind it.
Because my powerslide is binded to the same button as my ARL, I’m finding that I’m actually flubbing some of my wavedashes or I’m less consistent landing on my wheels with a powerslide to maintain my momentum because I have to time it perfectly. I know at some point, I’m going to have to switch boost to RB and move ARL/ARR to X/B eventually. It’s going to be the move that eventually improves my movement later on especially when I start working on chain wavedashes. Or remove ARL for AR or something. Sorta figure it out when I come to it. But I don’t want to have to work through a whole new button layout while also focusing on the aerial control I’ve engrossed myself in.
Does it make sense to work on “mastering” my aerial control mechanics more and then making the button layout change so I don’t disrupt the progress I’m making mentally. Or will the muscle memory be more important to lock in now and I’ll just have to suck it up as somewhat lost time?
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2021.12.09 03:52 Fit_Box_7798 Wait a minute...

Did the show end in 2018? And is there manga for this series? If there is, please, tell me about it! Sorry, I know nothing about this series, since I am a newbie...
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2021.12.09 03:52 niuz-bot Traficant de droguri român, condamnat definitiv la 9 ani de închisoare, în Ungaria - [Anchete]

Un bărbat român care a încercat, împreună cu o altă persoană, să aducă în România peste 40 de kilograme de marijuana prin tranzitarea Ungariei, a… Mai departe »
Citeste in continuare: https://www.g4media.ro/traficant-de-droguri-roman-condamnat-definitiv-la-9-ani-de-inchisoare-in-ungaria.html
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2021.12.09 03:52 Egarok Volume 1 is beautiful + lovely first 2 color pages!

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2021.12.09 03:52 Chevydragracer69 Ordered a fold3 today on promo but it's stuck on authorization (I'm nervous its gonna get cancelled)

Ordered a fold3 today on promo but it's stuck on authorization (I'm nervous its gonna get cancelled) submitted by Chevydragracer69 to GalaxyFold [link] [comments]

2021.12.09 03:52 nameamovie Happy birthday Suzy! Here's a throwback of her birthday party 4 years ago

Happy birthday Suzy! Here's a throwback of her birthday party 4 years ago submitted by nameamovie to DavidDobrik [link] [comments]

2021.12.09 03:52 Tsuikyit_The_VIP I want a voodoo doll of myself

So I can rub my back
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2021.12.09 03:52 Spirited_Work_4997 💎 Kaizilla 💎 | NFT Airdrop - Join our community | Big marketing push today | Caesar call incoming | Next 100X Gem!

🔥 K A I Z I L L A 🔥
Deflationary token which rewards the holders with frictionless yield generation, adding to liquidity on every transaction, buy-back and burn, all of this to increase floor price continuously.
🔶 Listed on Coingecko!
🔶 CMC application submitted
🔶 The FOMO is about to get real, just check our charts if you need reassurance. Buy before it gets higher because this is a moonshot.
🔶 Tons of money for marketing and we are going to use it effectively, wisely, and consistently.
🔶 Fresh new investment opportunity
🔶Buy now on pancakeswap:
Devs doxxed to Pinksale ✅
Interfi Audit done ✅
Vesting incorporated for private sale and presale investors to ensure no significant dumps occur
🟢 Private sale investors vested for 90 days
🟢Presale investors vested for 40 days
🔥 Huge buy backs and burns designed to take Kaizilla to moon!
👑 Born with advantages to takeover all other!
Team Consists of:
🔶Cex Owner
🔶Swiss Banker
🔶Defi Expert
🔶Analyst & Influencer
Tokenomics ⬇️
Tax is 10% buy and sell

1 Billion Supply
🟢 20% Supply is burned (800Million in circulation)
🟢 Whale resistant
🟢 Bot resistant
🔱 300BNB raised in presale!
🔱 Project did 2.5x on launch and healthy chart
🔱 Metaverse and gaming platform will be achieved.
🔱 AMA with Phoenix Holdings and Pinksale done
🔱 More AMA's, giveaways and influencers partnership already underway!
🏷️ Contract Address: 0x16a17fBa44eb3ee4B5D1AA6FEC6545C83f5399aC
Pancakeswap: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x16a17fBa44eb3ee4B5D1AA6FEC6545C83f5399aC
🔹 Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x16a17fBa44eb3ee4B5D1AA6FEC6545C83f5399aC#readContract
🔐Liquidity Lock 1 YEAR🔒 https://deeplock.io/lock/0x0cb72aea303c3c05dce728671dc127e74da70b63
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2021.12.09 03:52 Dadominator001 Bad Tommy Fan-Art

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2021.12.09 03:52 TheIncompleteArchive Please explain

I'm still fairly new to warframe so forgive my lack of understanding.
I've been doing the bounties on fortuna for like a week now to level up my standing. I've done the love 30-50 bounties solo no problem. But then, all of a sudden I started dying repeatedly because even though the bounty said enemies lvk30-50, all of a sudden I was vs lvl 77+ enemies. Like, what the heck.
Was there a patch I missed that made the enemies go crazy higher than I can handle?
I've been doing this bounty many times ok problem then, BOOM. Lvl 81 d*** to the face.
Please explain.
submitted by TheIncompleteArchive to Warframe [link] [comments]

2021.12.09 03:52 AJ_Wont_Load I can’t draw humans to save my life, so have literal-tanooki Mario, lol

I can’t draw humans to save my life, so have literal-tanooki Mario, lol submitted by AJ_Wont_Load to Mario [link] [comments]

2021.12.09 03:52 nezuko90 Parallels gaming: Can't figure out how to run steam keep getting error

Hello, this is my first post and it's nice to see there there are other fellow mac gamers out there. I have the MBP 14" 32cgpu and I downloaded/paid for parallels and downloaded scarlet nexus to play on steam. I saw that another user was able to get the game running https://www.reddit.com/macgaming/comments/q0etpd/scarlet_nexus_running_in_m1_mbp16gb_using/
but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get this working. I don't know how to download directx or visual studio and i keep getting the error "the following components are required to run this program: Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Runtime"
I downloaded microsoft visual C++ but still have this error. Any thoughts would be appreciated!
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2021.12.09 03:52 ci33vns My fellow INTPs, what is your moral/ethical philosophy?

I personally subscribe to a kind of "virtue ethics", but I wanna know what kind of ethical philosophy y'all hold to
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2021.12.09 03:52 Slash1909 Tax advisor/consultant

Would you be able to recommend a tax consultant or advisor? I’ve spent the last two days googling and calling and am not able to find the right service.
I just moved here and started learning Spanish a month ago so the language barrier hasn’t helped either.
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2021.12.09 03:52 xoxoZatanxoxo Chilling with me while his 100% humidity issue gets sorted. Got the air conditioner on and he has the option to go into my hoodie if he gets too cold.

Chilling with me while his 100% humidity issue gets sorted. Got the air conditioner on and he has the option to go into my hoodie if he gets too cold. submitted by xoxoZatanxoxo to ballpython [link] [comments]

2021.12.09 03:52 AWarWithTheCabal Someone's a fan of The Last of Us

Someone's a fan of The Last of Us submitted by AWarWithTheCabal to halo [link] [comments]

2021.12.09 03:52 ZombaeChocolate Me losing my mind after we finally cleared 89 trial

This is mostly a wholesome post. So ive been trying to clear the trial since monday, just on monday ive spent 4 hours on it as a whm. Literally learnt all mechs etc. But none of my df groups could clear and after 4-5 wipes they all abandoned, and this was going on for like days for me, for the love of god i couldnt get a decent group to get a clear. Until today.
So i log in after a long nightshift (im from europe, so my morning is like, your evening) and resignatedly que for the trial. Got a group in seconds.
I kind of explain some stuff, like red in, green out, blue cross etc. I tried this so many times, i confidently mark myself (i messed up ONCE and i wanted to die out of shame, cause half the party was shadowing me and we all got vuln stacks and a nice hp reap). We wipe to the crystal enrage, as ppl were confused, and the whole dps pool was dead by the time we reached that point, and we just couldnt make it.
No biggie, i explain that phase, confident in the group and i was absolutely in that we wipe either before the 3rd or during the 3rd phase as we slowly made thru it, but oh god, since everyone was mostly up in my butt, we actually made it thru and got that sweet clear. And i f.cking lost it in chat, i mean as you can see im quite the chatty person, and omg it felt so satisfing. Here are the logs from the end.
For clarity: light green: first time sge, red: chad dpses, blue: nice tank. other tank might have spoken too and got marked as a dps, idk they left fast so i didnt had time to clarify.
After we exited i took my time and let the nice thank know, that he wont need to be reporting anyone :)

I know this isnt an achievement of note or anything, i was just really happy, cause 1st, i got terrible groups this week, was the only one who knew the mechs(mostly) still got blamed for wiping, cause heals werent enough 2nd it just felt nice, that my efforts were acknowledged in this way, as to my knowing this was a total rando party, nice tank at least for sure was.
Thank you for reading thru, and i wish you guys all wholesome experiences like this all the way thru!
submitted by ZombaeChocolate to TalesFromDF [link] [comments]

2021.12.09 03:52 Pineapple__Jews The Supreme Court Is Ready to Make Taxpayers Fund Religious Schools

The Supreme Court Is Ready to Make Taxpayers Fund Religious Schools submitted by Pineapple__Jews to Libertarian [link] [comments]