[14/F] uh hii.. kinda new here.. [chat] [friendship] idk

2021.10.27 13:15 Pandacakesz [14/F] uh hii.. kinda new here.. [chat] [friendship] idk

Name: Panda Age: 14 Gender Female she/her Country: USA Sexuality: Bi Height: 5ft0 Likes: playing games, listening to music, sitting in my room, night time Dislikes: mean people Dms: Open to All A little about yourself: I'm shy. I'm just looking for a place to chat and maybe make friends since I don't really have any.. uhh my favorite color is purple... I keep to myself a lot.. I don't know what else to put here.
I'm new to this, I'm gessing this is how to start a post. Discorddd is on my profile addmee before this acount gets taken down as usual. Don't ask just do Everyone can add me just do it! Girls and guys.
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2021.10.27 13:15 superstition1back Hannahowo Cosplay as a lewd bunny girl <3

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2021.10.27 13:15 DarlingBri 4.14 😂 I told you voters would hate it! (Still no regrets 🧡💙)

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2021.10.27 13:15 1PSays43 Inconclusive Lymphoma Diagnosis - 5 Year Old Mixed Breed

My dog, Dobby (5 y/o neutered male Aussie/Pit mix), was just diagnosed with lymphoma by my vet. He's been a healthy dog other than having hypothyroidism (diagnosed 1 year ago, on levothyroxine, levels are stable).
His only symptom was swollen lymph nodes (noticed 1-2 weeks ago, appt last Tuesday, got results today). Acting fine, eating okay (never been a great eater). Bloodwork was normal. Fine needle aspiration came back "suspicious but technically inconclusive." Vet basically said, he's dying, see if you can get an oncology appointment somewhere else to extend his life with chemo.
I am not in denial that this is probably the end of a short but full life for him. But our vet is busy (took two days to call us after lab reports came in) and I haven't been able to get the answer to two questions from him:

  1. Are inconclusive results common? Is there anything else it could be since the test was technically not positive? What further testing would we need to rule out other suspected diagnoses?
  2. What can do we in the mean time until the oncology appointment? Anything? Dobby is our baby and I will put his comfort first, even if it means losing him sooner, but I want to know what I can do to make him as comfortable as possible.
Thanks in advance. This has been the worst week of my life and I appreciate any and all insight anyone can offer.
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2021.10.27 13:15 RukkiRuudi Sunshield Token: 🔥Tiki Meets EverRise🔥 Super Deflationary BNB Earner⚡️. Staking, Farming & NFT's Coming!🚀🚀 💎Get in at the beginning!💎

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2021.10.27 13:15 SonSerseri Halkın fakirliği

Japonya'da 4. yüzyılın sonlarına doğru tahta oturan İmparator Nintoku, yüksek bir kuleye çıkar ve ülkesine bakar.
Gökyüzüne doğru yükselen tek duman dahi göremeyince, halkının yoksul düştüğüne ve bu yüzden hiç kimsenin evinde pirinç dahi pişiremediğini anlar.
Hemen bir ferman çıkaran Nintoku, halkının üç yıl boyunca sadece kendileri için çalışmasını emreder. Sarayda çalışanları bile evlerine gönderir...
Sadece kendileri için çalışan halk, üç yılın sonunda bolluğa kavuşur... Nintoku kuleye çıkar, ülkenin her yerinde ocakların tütmekte olduğunu yükselen dumanlardan anlar. Yanındaki eşine sevinç içinde "artık zenginiz" der... İmparatoriçe ise üç yıl boyunca bakımsızlıktan dolayı her yeri eskiyen, çatısı akan, çiçekleri solmuş sarayı göstererek "Sen bu halimize zenginlik mi diyorsun?" der... Nintoku'nun yanıtı, yüzyıllardır Japonlar'ın aklından çıkmaz; "Halkın fakirliği, bizim fakirliğimizdir, zenginliği de bizim zenginliğimizdir." (Anonim)
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2021.10.27 13:15 lukmly013 Help. Is there a better way than scratching it off with toothpick and IPA? It's rock solid.

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2021.10.27 13:15 randmtsk SC please save me time..

By knocking me down 1000 trophies so I don't need to waste time losing 30+ games to fully maxed decks?
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2021.10.27 13:15 HockieFan41 Can you guys guess what music do I listen to

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2021.10.27 13:15 kukkelii 3head move

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2021.10.27 13:15 BurkhaDuttSays 9 convicted for blasts at Modi’s Patna rally in 2013

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2021.10.27 13:15 tiktockontheclok update I’m afraid my night time incontinence (bed wetting only) will cost me my relationship and just ruin sex in general.

First I wanna thank you all for your answers and support and will try and answer all your questions on this post and the previous one. Today I talked to my girlfriend, 24, and my situation and she was really understanding. I didn’t just come right out and tell . her & i talked about it with her privately at my apartment. I explained how I really like her and wanna continue dating, she felt the same way, then I told her about the bed wetting and the accident. I said this next part may be hard to understand and please keep in mind this is embarrassing but you have a right to know, but i was in a bike accident years ago and my bladder payed the price then I explained everything in full detail to her and showed her the bottle of my prescription. I did tell her that I wear protection a night but I didn’t show the under wear, or lack of a better term Diaper. I find it easier to say diaper sometimes, it doesn’t bug me, A majority of the time I just say underwear. Anyway her reaction was not bad at all she was really understanding I mean she was surprised and was a little eye wide but I could understand that, I can’t say I wouldn’t be either if the situation was reversed. I said “i understand if this is to much and hard to understand and I will answer any questions you have, but it’s only a nighttime issue, I never really had issues during the day, except maybe once or twice”. After a conversation she did have a few questions I’ll type out below and I did expect them as I think anyone in my situation would, I don’t know, and she was really nice about the whole thing so please don’t judge her questions cause after she asked them the subject wasn’t brought up anymore and she promised to keep this too herself.She asked how long did it take for you to except this or well deal with this? I said about a year, I really did hate it cause of my age, but learned to manage it and think about how the accident could have been a lot worse than what it wasShe then asked l what do the diapers feel like?” Please don’t judge for saying diaper, it’s just a word.I said it feel like I’m sitting on a bunch of cotton balls, and very cushy. She then asked if i ever felt aroused by them or ever felt babyish in them. Again I didn’t mind her asking questions like this, she was nice the whole time and was just curious, if we’re Goanna date long term and one day get serious, not anytime soon, but at some point she need to know these things. I told her honestly that I was somewhat aroused the first few times of trying them on, but eventually that stopped, and I never really felt babyish in them cause i always wear shorts over them anyway. I did tell her a funny story how I feel like Tommy pickles from rug rats cause when I’m getting ready for bed I have a T shirt on and when I’m don’t getting my protective underwear on I look in the mirror and instantly see that character. She thought that was really funny and cute. She asked if It caused me to develop a fetish and I told her, no, but it can be a rousing sometimes when I’m putting them on. I’m not Goanna lie about that. I’m not AB/DL and I’m not knocking anybody who is either, but i wouldn’t be telling the truth if that didn’t happen. I told her how I do use a&d ointment before and after a change, even when I go a few days or even a week or two without an accident, (the longest I’ve gone is two weeks) and that as long I manage it and keep doing what I’m doing the accident won’t be as frequent but the diapers still need to stay for the time being. We talked some more about it but shes completely excepting. I told her I would also never ask her to help me change & she should not feel obligated to help or ask me either, I would never wanna put someone through that. We haven’t had sex with each-other yet but at least this is out in the open for both of us, and when sex does happen (I really hope that happens soon cause she is very pretty, but I do enjoy being around her and I love her personality, she’s so bubbly but also has a wild side, especially at parties and I just love that) me wearing a diaper afterwards won’t be a surprise lol. and she swore never to tell anyone. Thank you Al again for your advice it was really helpful!
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2021.10.27 13:15 OrangeRipple55 Who's a silly boy 🤦

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2021.10.27 13:15 -S-i-x- Lesion in Prostate. Looking for some advice. Can you tell me if these ultrasound readings are bad?

Prostate Enlarged (>30cc). The Prostate was visualized using a transabdominal approach. A single hyperechoic lesion identified measuring 0.7 x 0.8 x 0.5 cm located in the prostate. Prostate measurements - length 4.38 cm - width - 4.11 cm - AP - 3.54 cm Vol - 33.37 cc
Was having issues peeing, and kinda burned like I had a UTI. Found some blood in urine. They found this while doing an ultrasound of my bladder. Which has gone away since. Doctor insists cancer chances are very low. Anyone mind giving me some more info on this? I am very worried. MRI is coming soon. I appreciate it everyone. Just hoping to get some answers, and what my chances of this lesion being cancer are.
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2021.10.27 13:15 Professional-Ear4767 Anyone trading for these

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2021.10.27 13:15 littlea_adderall Alison Brie

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2021.10.27 13:15 Additional_Job_272 Alguien para morbosearla o paja manden dm

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2021.10.27 13:15 dekudeals Little Nightmares II – $20.09 (33% off, matches previous low)

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2021.10.27 13:15 ArthurJack_AW How many of those who witnessed the glory of the 30K era are still around in the 40K era?

When Roboute Guilliman awoke from his 10,000-year slumber, everything had changed and his and his "father's" dreams and achievements had become legendary.Most of his companions who once walked alongside him are gone, or have joined Chaos.Is there anyone in the world today who can talk to Roboute Guilliman about the ideals and visions they once had?
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2021.10.27 13:15 EconomicsNo7718 Work term starting in January

I have an 8 month Co Op term starting in January and then I have a final semester from Sep/22-Dec/22
What do i need to do with OSAP so my payments don't start in July?
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2021.10.27 13:15 dekudeals Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition – $14.99 (25% off)

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2021.10.27 13:15 ShortAlgo $HZNP Awaiting Buy signal on HZNP

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2021.10.27 13:15 HubertTheFeelEel Oh dear lord

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2021.10.27 13:15 WholesomelyChaotic I'mma cartoonify One OC per person who asks for it :³, examples of most recent and most recent colorized at the text box. Please include a ref if you can :³

Most recent example of the style
Most recent colorized version of style(first slide is at full detail of character)
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2021.10.27 13:15 Harambe6ix9ine The 🐐 is coming to town.

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