Ehlers' 2 late goals powers Winnipeg past Ducks 4-3

2021.10.27 14:21 swagNextTuber Ehlers' 2 late goals powers Winnipeg past Ducks 4-3

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2021.10.27 14:21 DelaySubject3974 Gta trilogy order?

When the definitive edition of the trilogy comes out i plan to play through 3 all the way to 5 (including dlcs in 4) but that leaves me the question of which order do i play the trilogy in?.
I read that theres 2 ways to do it. 1. Play in order of release which goes 3, vice city then san adreas 2. Play it in universe chronological order which goes vice city, san adreas then 3 (but it would mean playing the most basic version of the 3 last)
Is there a order to play it in to heighten the story or is order of release the most common way to do it.
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2021.10.27 14:21 crytoloover YieldMagic: New BabySwap Friend Coming in!

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2021.10.27 14:21 DeviceImaginary5594 What did you find out about England only once you got there?

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2021.10.27 14:21 Shafreaky23 Coinbase SMH

Right as I was about to buy another hundred, Coinbase went down. Anyone with the same problem??
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2021.10.27 14:21 CouponSSBoi Refine Tax for Fiber in Bridgewatch?

Why does a “System” owned property have the tax so high?
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2021.10.27 14:21 CrowSab5 Any general tips on how to throw more consistent shots for one handed bowlers?

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2021.10.27 14:21 Exronly WHY Exro is a RARE find and EXCELLENT investment opportunity

WHY Exro is a RARE find and EXCELLENT investment opportunity. Exro Technologies has a revolutionary technology, so revolutionary it's often referred to as step-change. What does that mean? A step change in technology is one that is so significant that it becomes commonplace, changing from Coal to Diesel in trains was a step change in technology, changing from carburetors to fuel injection in vehicles was a step change in technology. Well Exro's coil driver will be a step change in the EV world.
You have to be a little tech savvy to really comprehend the value of what Exro has. I'll try to explain it in simple terms. Exro has found a way to electronically control electric motors in such a way that they can make them much more efficient. Electric Motors typically, when they are made, are set with one speed profile and one torque profile, much like a one speed bicycle is. When you put more electricity to the motor it spins faster, similarly when you turn the pedals faster the bike goes faster. Now if you want to change the torque profile of a bike to make it easier to go up hills you simply add external gears, same thing goes for existing electric motors. To get more torque or speed out of an existing electric motor, you must add a mechanical gearbox specifically geared to accomplish the required task. Not so with Exro's coil driver. Exro is able to electronically change the electrical inputs into a motor to seamlessly make the motor provide more torque and less speed or more speed and less torque. This is a FIRST in the world of Electric motors, and it's a HUGE discovery. Car makers can now make their EV's perform 30% better with less parts, in a car that's cheaper and lighter to manufacture. Think about the cost savings to the Automakers. Exro just removed a whole gearbox from the supply chain, Gears, bearings, casing, shafts etc no longer have to be made and installed in an EV. The. cost and weight savings is not to be underestimated.....Exro's technology is truly an amazing discovery and will change the EV industry. Many believe in time, all EV's will be replacing standard inverters, which every motor requires, with Exro's coil driver, I am one of those believers.
Exro Claims to increase performance by 30%. 6.39 minute mark this video
So why are we lucky to be able to invest in Exro? Normally technologies like this, MAJOR discoveries, are privately funded until they are ready for an IPO, as the inventors and team around them recognize both the value and potential of what they have discovered. Exro in its infancy and its Board of Directors, known then as Biode Ventures, chose to go public on an exchange in Canada with the lowest barrier to entry and raise funds for further research and development, and for years bumped along working on the tech and trying to break into the commercial markets with very limited success. They didn't have the personnel required to transition from discovery to commercialization. That ALL changed when Sue Ozdemir took the helm. Upon Sue's arrival in late 2019, industry leading board members were brought in, a clear pathway to commercialization was laid out, sufficient funds were raised to fund Exro to commercialization and the stage was set for success. In two short years (very short by industry standards) the execution of the pathway to commercialization has been flawless and very successful. Exro has signed with a Tier 1 automaker. Linamar. This doesn't happen unless a company has proven beyond a shadow of any doubt their technology works and can be economically and easily integrated in an EV.
Sue's laser focus on commercialization is driving Exro towards wild success. Totally new products in the automotive world that involve the heart and soul of a vehicle, in this case the motor, are not instantly accepted by industry members. A company must prove them to be effective, reliable, robust, and prove beyond any doubt that the technology not only works today but will work for years. So that is exactly what Sue set out to do with the technology. Third party testing and verification from AVL. Partnering with as many small and nimble companies where Exro can quickly integrate the technology into as wide a variety of drive motors as possible in order to not only prove the tech on test benches but in real world applications. Sea Electric, Vicinity Buses, Land MotorCycles, Zero Motorcycles, Potencia, Aurora, and Templar Marine. She has also set out to meet all the required certifications required for selling into automobiles and homes. Every move Exro has made since Sue's arrival is geared towards selling Exro's tech to the automotive world.
Why the automotive world? one word 'Volume'. Every time an automaker designs a new vehicle the intention is to sell a million or more of that same model before needing to make changes. The volumes in the automotive world are simply enormous.
Let's quickly talk about the numbers and cost benefits of an Exro coil driver to the Automotive world. Exro claims their coil driver improves performance by 30% over a conventional system in an EV. When using Exro's coil driver, which replaces the current inverter in an EV, the AutoMaker also has the benefit of eliminating an external gear box and all the related componentry. The cost savings and weight savings alone is a HUGE benefit to using an Exro Coil Driver, never mind a 30% increase in overall performance. Exro has not released any pricing data yet, but many believe it's safe to assume that Exro will benefit from some of the savings it will pass on to the Automakers. With that in mind, many believe Exro will sell the coil driver at a profit of $500+. This is pure conjecture as we don't yet know for sure. You can do the math from here. A typical order for a model year car runs into the hundreds of thousands of units. So with one order of 400,000 units at a $500 profit, Exro goes from annual losses to $200M profit in one day on one order of one product. That's worth repeating...So with one order of 400,000 units at a $500 profit, Exro goes from annual losses to $200M profit in one day on one order of one product. Exro has multiple products in the pipeline and is talking to multiple car makers. How do we know for certain? Because every move Exro makes is geared towards selling the coil driver to EV automakers, without exception, so it's really the only logical conclusion we can make. The customers are there and ready and wanting and Sue is talking about establishing multiyear contracts with these customers. That translates into repeat business and multiple orders.
What other stock in your portfolio has the potential of seeing the valuation of the company jump from $300M to $2B on a single contract with the very real potential of multiple contracts with similar values? That's why I say anyone invested in Exro was very fortunate to find it and is lucky to be in it.
Timing. In the AutoMotive industry a new design for a car typically takes 4 years. From the time they lock up the design and secure the supply chain. Why does it take so long? Volume, the volumes are enormous. Securing the materials, the fasteners, the components, etc is a delicate dance of masterful supply chain management. It just takes time. Exro has come along with a revolutionary technology the EV world has never seen before, Exro has never manufactured in volume so has no manufacturing and supply credibility with the industry so how do they prove to the Automakers the tech works and how do they prove they can make them in volume? Partnerships. This is exactly why the Linamar partnership is such a big deal. Linamar being a tier one supplier to Automakers is a proven source of delivering large volumes of reliable quality products on time. By partnering with Linamar Exro assured the Automakers they have what it takes to become a reliable supplier of Coil Drivers. Exro is building a facility to make runs of 100,000 units at a time, and will be capable of 3 runs a year, so 300,000 units a year, and what is most surprising about this is they call that 'low volume'. But they haven't yet made any so the AutoMakers need assurances.... Linamar. The 'low volume' comment gives you some idea about the volumes they are discussing with automakers. The numbers are indeed enormous.
In Addition to the Coil Driver, Exro has other technologies they are co- developing. One is a battery control system, BCS, that extends the life of EV car batteries. Exro intends to start a new industry using both used and new batteries out of EV's by building battery banks to supply electricity to industrial customers. Exro is also revolutionizing the charging side of EV's as their technology integrated into the Coil Driver is reducing the need for external charging componentry for vehicles, another huge cost savings to EV makers, and convenience for customers, as all they will need is a simple cord to connect their vehicle to the grid or charging station. Exro aslo has technology that Industry members who are building out charging stations can use to simplify the charging process. All this to say besides the Coil Driver Exro has multiple revenue streams coming, and this can only positively affect that share value. Where Exro's stock price goes is anyone's guess, but my guess is once they sign one deal with one automaker, chasing the stock price will get really expensive really fast. Keep in mind Exro does NOT have a huge number of outstanding shares.
In my 30 years of watching the markets and buying and selling stock as a retail investor, I've never come across a stock with more potential upside than Exro.
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2021.10.27 14:21 Kaimakishipper My first attempt at a w13rdc0r3 background (I'll take requests for backgrounds but I'll only make w13rdc0r3 Danganronpa, and you guys can use this too!)

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2021.10.27 14:21 DrunkGamer4 Debt collectors broke in because the previous tenant didn't pay his bills.

Living in Scotland in case that makes any difference. I came home yesterday from work to find that someone had broken in, there was black tape on the lock on inside of door, a smart meter and a letter addressed to the occupier (it also had the name of the guy we assume used to live here) sat on the kitchen counter top.
The letter was from SSE letting us know we had a bill for £6500. We are currently in the process of getting the bill sorted so its just the months we have lived here to be paid by us, however while they were in the flat they swapped out the meter with a pay as you go version, meaning we will now have to top it up.
As we weren't made aware of them coming to break in do we have any grounds legally?
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2021.10.27 14:21 XO_PettyKing am I too late?

What’s the realistic expectations moving forward, how much should I put in? I just put in $50 lmao have more to spend just wanted to know the realistic outcome within the weeks to come.
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2021.10.27 14:21 TrendsWide You don’t need a lot of time.. Simple Halloween makeup ideas.. Video

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2021.10.27 14:21 swagNextTuber White former hospital exec wins $10 million in reverse discrimination case

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2021.10.27 14:21 CartoonistStunning32 Desânimo

Por que em dias aleatórios ( frequentemente) bate um desanimo misturado com tristeza, onde só penso em coisas negativas, me sentindo um lixo, chega da vontade de morrer, às vezes fico assim por algo que não deu certo no dia anterior, e já acordo desta forma, mas tem dias que está tudo normal e do nada acontece. depois passa alguns dias e volta ao normal. E tudo isso responde no corpo, mesmo seguindo a mesma rotina de sempre, bate um cansaço no corpo, o corpo começa a ficar mole, e só tenho vontade de ficar deitado..
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2021.10.27 14:21 waffle-fil-a Broken Clocks Are Right Twice a Day (Joe Manchin Kills IRS Account Surveillance Proposal)

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2021.10.27 14:21 zainn_1999 How would cycling work outside of Netherlands.

I just want to say I love walkable areas, I used to live in a walkable area now I live in suburbia USA which I hate. I just have few questions on how cycling and how would they work in hotter countries.

  1. Wouldn't you sweat on bike on ur way to work? I guess ebikes can solve it but it still requires you to pedal. Most work places don't have showers. Do Dutch work places have showers?
  2. Can hotter developing countries implement this idea? For example middle east or Africa or even the state of Texas. Netherlands is all green with trees but these countries or state don't have lots of green to provide shade.
These are just some thoughts, I know there are decent solutions but I wanted to get everyone prospective.
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2021.10.27 14:21 IamV123 Companion mod for the entire series?

Is there any companion mod that you can bring from Baldur's gate 1, SoD, Baldur's gate 2 and Throne of Bhaal? It would be great if they can acknowledge the event of SoD.
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2021.10.27 14:21 Darkheroxx It was during P.E, we were in the gymnasium and I cried as I was the last one to be picked.

The masked man stepped towards me and put the gun to my head.
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2021.10.27 14:21 telescopicfridge Beauty

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2021.10.27 14:21 Soapsudder Am I making a smart decision by applying for a loan?

Hello! I am considering taking out a loan for the first time and am wondering if it is the best decision for me right now.
Some background: I received my BA in English in 2018. My undergraduate education was fully covered by the VA, so I never took out any student loans for my undergraduate career.
I started a 2-year Master's in Sociology program in the Fall of 2020, and did not have to take out any loans to cover that education as my tuition was once again comped, but this time by the school itself as I have a parent employed there. However, this tuition waiver only lasts until I turn 25 years old. I turned 25 years old at the end of Spring 2021, after I'd completed my first year of the graduate program.
Now, I am in the first semester of the last year of the program. I was able to pay tuition in full for the current Fall 2021 semester, and will be able to cover Spring 2022 as well, but here is where my predicament comes in:
I currently work full-time. I absolutely despise my job and the company I work for. I've been with them since 2018 and have worked my way up to the current job I have, but a lot of our operations and the people we hire are really sketchy and I, again, hate it here and truly would be so much happier elsewhere. The thing is though, they are flexible with my hours and I am able to therefore complete my grad school work while also working my job, so that is a nice benefit, although I feel I can never catch up with one because the other occupies so much of my time.

In any case, next semester (Spring 2022) I will onyl have to take one class to show I am an enrolled student while I work on my thesis. Therefore, I am considering taking out my first student loan ever to cover my rent and living expenses until the end of December when I finihs finals and can start pursuing a new job, and to cover books and tuition for the Spring 2022 semester. I have over $17,000 available to use, but would only be taking out around $5,000 of it for these purposes.

What do y'all think-- is this a smart decision that would save my sanity and allow me to pursue employment elsewhere, or should I just tough it out with the job I have until the end of the semester, not take out any loans, and hope I can find a job in the spring?
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2021.10.27 14:20 pandora80X Darkrai raid now - join 🤗 2569 4780 1617

6855 7439 5478
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2021.10.27 14:20 TrendsWide Enphase Energy opened 25% up on Wednesday: here’s the catalyst

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2021.10.27 14:20 swagNextTuber Time to panic? Vegas, Colorado, Toronto off to rough starts

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2021.10.27 14:20 Maxbopb Darkrai raid 9968 4516 4849

Pls join can add 10
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2021.10.27 14:20 roomforgaming New video if you want check it out

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